What is it about?

It is a live Q&A session where taxpayers and tax practitioners can put their corporate tax (corporate income tax, VAT, PAYE etc) questions to our leading tax experts live, for free for an hour.

It is not a webinar with pre-prepared content or topics.


For who is it?

Mostly for corporate taxpayers (financial managers, financial directors, CEO’s, directors etc) and tax practitioners (lawyers, accountants, auditors, financial planners etc).



Scheduled once a month between 10:00 and 11:00.

If you subscribe to our channel you will be notified when we go live, you will also have access to all the previous recordings.

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Please send through your questions

Send through your questions.  Questions will be discussed during the live Q&A session.  We will send you a link to the broadcast in advance.  If you only want to listen just type “subscribe” in the question box to receive the link as well. You can also email your question directly to [email protected]