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Tax Dispute Resolution

About us

Unicus Tax is a tax only service firm managed and founded by Nico Theron (BCom Law (cum laude); BCom Honours Taxation; MCom Taxation (SA and international tax) and headquartered in Centurion, Pretoria.

The Unicus Tax team is highly skilled and experienced in tax dispute resolution, our method is strategic and focused and we believe that this is why we have a 100% success rate. We have provided a set of templates giving a person/company insight into what your tax dispute paperwork should preferably look like.

Don’t lose your dispute with SARS

How to successfully resolve your tax dispute with SARS


Want to win with SARS? Here’s what your tax dispute paperwork should preferably look like

If you disagree with a SARS decision regarding your tax, the dispute process can be confusing. It can be especially difficult to understand exactly which dispute you should lodge when, or what it should look like.

Download example SARS tax dispute templates

These templates will give you the chance to view an example of:

Objecting to an additional SARS assessment (including condonation request for late objection)
Appealing a SARS decision (including condonation request for late appeal)
Document, asking SARS to provide explanations for its decision
Document, requesting for postponement of your payment, pending your dispute outcome

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