Tax Accrual Reviews

Tax Accrual Reviews by Unicus Tax. As audit or accounting firm, adding value to your clients and staying ahead of competitors in the market can be difficult. One of the best ways to add value is to provide insight from a tax perspective to ensure that hidden tax risks are brought to the fore, mitigated efficiently and effectively and to ensure that the tax charge in the financial statements have been signed off by a tax specialist.

A tax accrual review entails a detailed review of the trial balance and tax computation. The review is followed by detailed report of findings which includes analyses on tax risks, recommendations on how to mitigate same as well as a view on the reasonableness or otherwise of the current tax charge.

The scope of the review may be agreed upon upfront and may include a Value Added Tax review.

Due to the sensitivity of the information obtained during a tax accrual review process, we enter into non-disclosure agreements with our clients as a show of good faith towards our clients and to ensure the information obtained remains confidential.

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