SARS reversed your/your
company’s refund or raised
a higher tax liability?

Taking effective steps against SARS to resolve this problem is called ‘tax dispute resolution’. Tax dispute resolution is one of our areas of expertise. We know of and understand all the remedies available to taxpayers to resolve these types of tax problems with SARS, through the tax objection and tax appeals processes.


What is subject to objection and appeal?

Certain decisions made by SARS as well as assessments raised by SARS. 
For remedies available in respect of decisions not subject to SARS objection and appeal process – click below

Why should you trust us?


Our founder, Nico Theron, is an industry recognised tax dispute resolution expert, lecturing tax dispute resolution to post graduate tax students at the University of Pretoria and also trains (at the request of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals) accountants, lawyers, auditors and other tax practitioners in practice across South Africa on tax dispute resolution.


We have a 100% win rate on cases we take on against SARS and have saved taxpayers millions in undue taxes, penalties and interest.


We work with and employ tax dispute resolution expert lawyers to help our clients build and win cases against SARS. We are well equipped to take you case all the way to Tax Court if needed


We pride ourselves in being easily accessible to our clients and having faster turnaround times.


We advise counsel, from time to time, on tax matters of litigious nature.


We provide a personal service and always seek to add tangible value to your business.
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