Reduced Assessment Request

As explained by our founder, Nico Theron, in his book titled  Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes, the Tax Administration Act, 2011 provides various remedies to taxpayers to challenge SARS’ assessments. One of those ways is objecting/appealing against the assessment. (see SARS objections and appeals). Another way is requesting a reduced assessment under the relevant statutory provisions.

Successfully obtaining a reduced assessment when relying on this remedy requires great skill and expertise. The circumstances under which such requests can be allowed are very narrowly defined and are very limited. However, it is often more effective than objecting/appealing but may also be the taxpayer’s only choice if objection/appeal is not an option (for whatever reason).

Since there is no prescribed process for relying on this remedy, it is often perceived as being ineffective. In our experience, however, it can be very effective. We have a magnificent success rate with this remedy.

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