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01. Where the rubber hits the road

At Unicus Tax, we do not simply fill in tax returns. Our systems are also not predefined by SARS requirements but rather by the legislative requirements and whilst the two often meet, in our experience,they also often do not.

02. Tax orientated

We are not SARS consultants or standard tax practitioners – we are master tax professionals whose understanding of the income tax system is couched in several years of formal tax focused education and tax focused experience allowing us to fully comprehend the income tax system end to end.

03. Financial Statements

As tax professionals assisting with the completion of a tax return, we are required to verify the accuracy of your return. Where this is done properly, verifications from SARS should be nothing more than simply an administrative exercise and should not result in any additional assessments, extra tax or reduced refunds.

We therefore not only double check your return for accuracy but will also, in most cases, assist with preparation of formal financial statements for individual taxpayers who has an extra source of revenue besides salary income or who is self-employed. Experience has shown this to be the most effective way to ensure accurate completion of a tax return where the individual has a source of income other than or in addition to salary income and also, in our experience, is the most effective way to ensure a no hassle SARS verification engagement.


Natural Person Tax Rates 28 February 2020


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