Corporate Tax Savings Reviews

With all the red tape a corporate taxpayer has to cut through every year, chances are somebody, be it SARS, your auditors or other tax service provider, has checked that your company is not paying too little tax. Has anybody ever checked that you are not paying too much tax?


No Savings – No Payment

We offer a corporate tax savings review service. The sole aim of this service offering is to establish whether you are paying too much tax. If we can’t legally reduce your tax bill, you don’t pay for the service (subject to our terms and conditions).


We are Tax Experts

Our team consists of tax exclusive experts, some of whom was previously employed as auditors at SARS, are registered professional tax advisors, tax attorneys and master tax practitioners with qualifications in law, accounting and tax (at masters and honours level) and more than a decade of tax focused experience.


Our past and current clients include large multinational corporate groups as well as companies listed on the JSE. If there is a saving to be had in law, chances are we’ll find it and with a 100% success rate in resolving tax disputes in favour of taxpayers, we can also defend it if necessary.



We reserve the right to refuse engagement with any prospective client in our sole discretion and client acceptance will only take place if, in our opinion, engagement with such prospective client will allow us to observe the professional rules and practice guidelines of our professional institute.

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