Corporate Tax Returns

Corporate Tax Returns – separating the accounting, preparation of financial statements, statutory audit and tax return completion function servers as a powerful tool to ensure the comprehensive and accurate financial management of a company. Further, the completion of a tax return has long since stopped being simply a compliance function, especially with the fairly recent addition to the corporate tax compliance burden of the IT14SD an increased SARS audits.

Corporate tax return completion, being essentially a self-assessment process, requires in depth understanding of tax laws and SARS processes.

Employing a pure tax specialist firm like Unicus Tax to complete your corporate tax return indicates a level of reasonableness that will undoubtedly stand you in good stead to illustrate you have discharged your duties/obligations towards your company, shareholders and SARS. In addition, simply capturing data onto a SARS form hardly adds any value to your business. At Unicus Tax, we don’t simply capture data onto a tax return. Our in depth understanding of tax law and SARS processes allow us to also add strategic value to your corporate tax compliance cost, as opposed to it simply being a sunk cost of compliance.

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