Comprehensive Tax Evaluation (CTE)​

Comprehensive Tax Evaluation (“CTE”) is a solution we developed as tax specialists with more than a decade of tax focused experience, for business owners and high net worth individuals.



Business owners and high net worth individuals often find themselves exposed to various types of tax and on various fronts (personal income tax, corporate income tax, dividends tax, value added tax, PAYE, provisional tax, trust income tax, transfer duty, transfer pricing, international tax, interest withholding tax, royalty withholding tax, capital gains tax, securities transfer tax, tax residency – the list goes on).
If you find yourselves in this position, congratulations – you have earned the attention of respected tax specialist auditors from SARS.


Filing season

Tax returns for individual taxpayers will be due soon and individual tax is an obvious and easy access point for the always vigilant SARS auditor. This begs the questions – are you really comfortable that your tax risks are mitigated across the board for this tax year? That you are not paying too little (or even worse, too much) tax for this tax year? That you are in a position to fend off a tax specialist from SARS – i.e. to fight fire with fire?


Our CTE will make sure that:

  • You are not paying too much tax across your various entities;
  • You are not paying too little tax across your various entities;
  • That your tax risks are identified upfront and mitigated before SARS identifies it and raises assessments;
  • That you have true tax experts on board to fight fire with fire if there is a fight to be had



A typical CTE consists of at least 3 phases:

The Scoping Phase

This is where we establish the extent of the evaluation required including tax types and taxpayers to be evaluated and is largely driven by where tax risk is most likely based on our experience. The scoping phase is usually completed through consultation with the relevant individual and his/her auditor/accountant/financial advisor/lawyer or other third party with knowledge of the applicable tax affairs.

The Evaluation Phase

In this phase we conduct the evaluation based on the agreed scope but which typically includes a review of relevant information such as financial statements, SARS records, tax computations, tax returns, contracts, schedules etc. We will typically engage with the taxpayer or the auditor/ accountant/financial advisor/lawyer to gain facts and understandings of relevant transactions.

The Reporting Phase

The reporting phase is where we report to the taxpayer/(s) or the taxpayer’s nominated person on tax risks identified, if at all, including the quantum thereof (where quantification is possible) as well as proposed solutions to mitigate tax risks and areas where further attention may be required, if indeed required. Our reports are treated as highly confidential, protected by legal professional privilege and we have no obligation to report our findings or recommendations to SARS or other regulating bodies.
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