Our Foundation

Unicus Tax was founded on the core principle that clients want top class tax advice and strategic, but practical solutions that actually adds constructive value to their business. Clients are not only interested in how well a tax professional knows tax law but rather in how well a tax professional can use that knowledge to their benefit based on their facts and circumstances. This is the driver behind our mission to always be proficient, efficient and effective.


About Us

The world of tax law is extremely dynamic and complex. In fact, the changes in tax law are so frequent and the rules so complex that we present a two hour webinar to hundreds of other tax practitioners (including auditors, lawyers and accountants) for 11 months of a year on the latest changes in tax law on behalf of the leading professional body for tax professionals, the South African Institute of Tax professionals.

It is the Unicus Tax team’s firm grasp of tax law combined with our unique ability to use our top class skill to the benefit of our clients as well as our accessibility and years of experience that makes us the go-to, trusted tax experts for Financial Directors and CEO’s of large companies, high nett worth individuals and various audit and law firms across South Africa.

We have secured payment by SARS of millions in unlawfully withheld refunds, have a 100% win rate on tax disputes we take on against SARS, have a 100% VDP success rate, have saved taxpayers millions in undue taxes and tax penalties and have resolved and continue to resolve issues with SARS where other practitioners were unable to secure resolution.

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Our Clients


Our clients include listed companies,
unlisted medium to large companies, individuals,
law firms, accounting firms and audit firms.

Tax Dispute Resolution


Our Founder

We were founded and are managed by Nico Theron MTP (SA) (BCom Law (cum laude), BCom Honors Taxation, MCom Taxation (SA and International Tax)). With over a decade of practical tax experience we can comfortably deal with tax at a practical and deeply specialised level.

Nico is an industry recognised tax expert presenting monthly tax update training to other tax professionals on behalf of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT) and ProBeta Training. Nico is also involved in the post graduate tax program at the University of Pretoria from time to time, lecturing and/or assessing post graduate tax students on the Tax Administration Act.

Nico is at the very forefront of tax law developments.

Our Services

We Provide Highly
Reliable & Effective Tax Solutions

For the right solution to your tax concerns, you need tax professionals with the skill, integrity and experience to deliver.