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Business happens - what is your next move

In all businesses, decisions are made and executed only to later be confronted with a tax event that was not planned for.  You do not have to deal with this on your own, our experts can comfortably assist and guide you to a more favourable position.

For any tax advice related to concluded transactions, including assessments raised by SARS, decisions already taken by SARS and tax refunds, contact us

Thinking ahead

Planning business or personal financial decisions prior to execution will always be beneficial.  This is crucial to ensure that you are prepared for any tax consequence arising from your business or personal decisions. Plan ahead to ensure you are fully in the clear for what may come.

For any tax advice related to proposed or planned transaction, including business sales, corporate restructurings or even as simple as the selling of property contact us.

Tax appeals

Why not let an expert help?

What to claim and what not to claim – that is the question, and this changes every year.

With the increased complexity relating to the completion of tax returns, be it for individuals or for a company, it has become important to ensure absolute accuracy of the information completed on a tax return.  If you need assistance with the completion of a tax return or the even only the review there of, let our tax consultants ensure that your tax return is completed accuratly.

Stay up to date

This online explanatory tax library will give you access to judgments, private and general binding rulings, tax updates and general tax developments , including video discussions of same, where you want, when you want.



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